Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cheers to an Aviator’s Spirit

They keep Crying..
They keep Yelling
Show me the graphs...
Sometimes Blame 
Global Aviation Recession..

Some times the Stars
They say its High Time now
Girl, You gotta move on somehow.
Its been years... Nothing have changed..
You still stand in the same place where you were raised

They say World is Moving..get another field
U might discover another way to hold a new shield. 
No jobs coming,  no Airlines Showing
You need to be Mature and get going.
Yes to the Family, yes to the World.
I have been dipping my finger in the new
Which were at Times Straight at Times curled,
No matter how much I put in
No matter how much I do

Deep down the Pilot still dream to Flew
To the world out there, you have not Flown
It’s a voyage for you unknown
That feeling you don’t know
That Joy you have not lived..
Rising  above the Clouds
Maneuver in the Air

Landing  Big  Machine, back with the care

This is to the world
I know one day will come
When I will Spread my Wing
It may take time
But certain that one day I will Climb
I have tasted it once, and will again get the Clearance
All I need is to show the persistence  will keep trying, face the rough winds
And make it High

Focused on my Approach and on the path
I can Feel the Sky ,don’t you get the wrath  
For all the Fellow Pilots
I know we are almost there, time has come

We will all Rise,
Just keep pouring the fuel
Once it ignites, you will Climb
All we need is to Navigate through this tough time with calm
Clarity, toughness and wait for our chance.
Unexpected headwinds may delay our Destination

Success is Guaranteed if we keep pursuing the right Direction- 
It’s the Final Moment, let’s be Vigorous
Lets Pour our Best

Victory we will Achieve and live with Full  Zest.
Sky has Never been the Limits
Cheers to an Aviator’s Spirit !!

-Ankisha Awasthi

Be an Aviator Not a Pilot

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Cover for 'Be An Aviator not A Pilot'By AeroSoft Corp
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: July 24, 2013
Words: 4,750 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301083244

Short description

As A Fact Out Of Every 1000 Pilots Only 1 Pilot Becomes An Airline Pilot, The Book Is All About Those 999 Pilots Only.

Extended Description 

Be an Aviator Not a Pilot is a story of Pilots in Aviation who are unable to cope. This is not a book to teach you how to get into an Aviation School or even how to live like a Pilot. In fact, it describes how one can become a Successfull Aviator not just an Airplane Driver [ So called Pilot ] with very small changes in life. Also Why abroad trained Pilots are better Aviator and Why FAA, CASA, CAAP, CAA are better civil Aviation Authority then DGCA.

Shekhar Gupta
Ankisha Awasthi

They keep Crying.. They keep Yelling